About the Valley of the Crescent Moon

Valley of the Crescent Moon is the story of two hetero lifemates, The Cat and Mr. Merrik. They spend their time trying to figure out how to live in a comic strip and having various wild and wacky adventures. Or, really, just sitting around talking about nothing in particular.

Sometimes they stand around.

Dramatis personae

T. Cat: T.C. or just Cat to his friends—a classicist who would like VCM to be more like his favourite comic, Beetle Bailey. He has a secret crush on Krazy Kat.

Mr Merrik: Mer to his friends, his mother calls him John, but that's not his name. An iconoclast, who wants VCM to transcend tradition (whatever that might mean). His favourite comic is Blondie, but he tells people it's Sam's Strip.

Cthulhucito: An alien of unknown provenance. His mission seems to be to spread the word of Yog-Sothoth.

Mr Grey: Flies a starship 'cross the universe divide.

T. Robot: Cat's robotic doppelganger. Big fan of V.